Tablets that have a long battery life

Tablets that have a long battery life

One of the most important features while buying a laptop or a tablet that most of us look for is a good battery life. This is especially true in the case of a tablet since it is portable and we generally carry it to most places. And we wouldn’t want to be lugging its charger everywhere with us.

While the American tech market has a number of great brands like HP, Apple, Asus, Samsung tablets, etc. that offer you some great tabs and even great deals on the same; do not forget to look at the number of charger-less hours (in other words, battery life) these tabs provide you with. To make life simpler for you, here is our list of tablets that offer users a great battery life:

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Living up to its brand standards, this Apple tab gives users a wonderfully-long battery life of about 13 hours and 55 minutes, for which an ode to its A10X Fusion CPU should be given.

  • iPad 9.7-inch

Apple tops the charts again with its 9.7-inch iPad, giving us a battery life of about 13 hours. Well, 12 hours and 59 minutes to be precise!

  • Amazon Fire HD 8

This tablet is not just known for its beautiful design but also for its long-lasting battery life of about 11 hours and 19 minutes.

  • Lenovo Yoga Book

A wonderfully innovative piece of technology, the Lenovo Yoga Book serves as a tablet and a laptop and gives users a long enough battery life of about 9 and a half hours.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This 9.7-inch, 2-in-1 Samsung tablet gives its users a battery life of about 8 hour 45 minutes and comes with a stylus, which makes it good for taking notes and drawing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is pretty well-known among most other Samsung tablets.

  • Huawei MediaPad M3

With a great sound system owing to its tie-up with Harmon Kardon, this Huawei tablet lasts for about 8 hours and 40 minutes when fully charged.

So now, whether it’s an Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Amazon, Huawei, or Samsung tablet, the choice is yours!

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