How much power do household appliances use

How much power do household appliances use

Electronic appliances usually use a set amount of power while they run. As consumers, it is important that we know what is the power required by each of the appliances so that we can understand what amount we are paying for each appliance in the total electric bill. This will also help us save money on particular appliances and also reduce energy costs.

Ways to estimate electricity usage of various appliances

Energy label guides that are provided with most electronic products give an estimate of what they would use at a certain point in time. The label will give the average cost to operate the specific model of the device you are using. Installing a power monitoring system for your house, will give you a proper idea of the power used by the appliances.

Amount of power used by common household appliances

The electric water heater uses 380 500 kWh per month and would cost up to $41.00$55.00 per month. A microwave oven using 0.12 kWh per 5 min can cost up to $0.01 per 5 min. A coffee maker, which would use approximately 0.12 kWh per brew, may cost up to $0.01 per brew. A laptop using 0.02 0.05 kWh per hour, might cost less $0.01 per hour.

How to conserve power

Reduce phantom loads’, these are appliances which are in off’ mode, but continue to draw power since they are still connected to the main power. Change your lighting from power draining bulbs to cost effective LED lights. Make sure that your water heater and the pipes are well insulated. Use appliances that are energy efficient, most appliances that are over 10 years old draw more energy than newer appliances. It is important to replace them so that they become energy efficient.

Cost cutting steps

Unplug items that you rarely use unplug televisions, stereos, clocks when you are away from home, since many draw power even when they are on off’ position. Air conditioners should be cleaned regularly so that the airflow comes on easily. Make sure that the items are as cool as possible before they go into the fridge, and the freezer is not stuffed. A stuffed and congested refrigerator consumes more power than usual.

Save energy for a brighter future

The simplest way to save energy is to insulate your homes is adding a layer of insulation products. This will help your home stay cold, and also prevent excess heat from coming in. The appliances can be used to the maximum since their power will be easily retained in. Use passive solar energy that will be work both during hot and cold seasons. Thus, one can get independence from power grids and have an energy efficient home

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