Going the virtual way with the virtual office phone answering service

Going the virtual way with the virtual office phone answering service

The world is very soon becoming a virtual platform and so are the businesses. A number of businesses today operate virtually; they don’t hire a particular office premise, but instead, take up co-working spaces and operate from these spaces with the help of mobile technologies like cell phones and laptops. Doing so saves businesses thousands of dollars each year on rent, taxes, bills, and other such expenses.

And this is where a virtual office phone answering service, also known as a virtual receptionist(VR) comes into play. Here, calls are outsourced to a company that hires a number of receptionists to handle calls for different companies, virtually. The receptionist doesn’t sit in your office premises, obviously, because you don’t have one, but answers the call in such a way as though she is answering the call right from your very own office premise. These receptionists are professionally trained in taking messages, virtual phone number forwarding, call patching, diary management, taking orders, and managing emergency call responses.

Hiring a virtual office phone answering service costs just about a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time receptionist. While a VR costs anywhere between USD 100 and USD 800 per month, a full-time receptionist costs about $USD 2,500 per month, for about 40 hours of work per week. That is a huge difference! Also, a virtual office phone answering service is available 24 hours of the day to take calls, as compared to full time receptionist who works about 8 hours a day. That is a difference of 22 long hours.

Thus, to put it simply, a virtual office phone answering service helps businesses save loads of money. Not just that, a VR also gives any business, be it small or big, an impression of professionalism. So whether you are operating out of your home or a co-working space, there shall certainly be a professional air about your business. And when someone calls, they won’t know where you are actually operating from, but instead be answered by a polite, well-spoken receptionist, who is actually your very own virtual office phone answering service.

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