3 awesome benefits of streaming media players

3 awesome benefits of streaming media players

Streaming media players are the best things about technology and fast internet. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like cable TV and you want to stream content directly to your TV, then a streaming media player is the way forward.

You can use streaming media for any sort of visual content onto your TV. They can even come with subscriptions to various TV show services. Additionally, some of them let you watch live sports too. So, how do you know if a streaming media player is right for you? You can tell by comparing the benefits of the various options.

No Cable TV Needed
The biggest benefit of getting a streaming media player is that you don’t need to opt for a cable TV connections. Streaming media players are sometimes referred to as cord cutters since they make use of wireless technology. Additionally, there’s no long term contracts involved when buying streaming media players. Unlike cable TVs, which require you to commit to their services for lengthy time periods, you can opt in and opt out at your leisure.

Broad Range Of Services
Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and many more – this is just a glimpse of what streaming media players offer. You can buy monthly subscriptions and cut down more than your cable bills. Additionally, you can cancel them whenever you want, or switch between streaming services which you can’t do with a traditional cable TV subscription. Some services let you watch live sports channels but those are limited.

Some companies like Amazon and Roku offer Miracast, which provides you with screen mirroring features. This basically means you can stream the content you play in your smart phone or laptop onto your TV through the device. For gamers who want streaming media players, you’d be happy to know that the Amazon Fire and Apple TV support app installations. This lets you play games on your TV screen.

It’s Affordable
For a long-term solution, streaming media players are pretty affordable A basic streaming media player will cost you only $30. Advanced player like Roku 4 and Apple’s 4th generation set up box can go up to between $130 to $150. Streaming media players come in dongle and set top box formats. Set up box versions feature higher computing prowess and sport ethernet ports for flexible features. Dongles, although portable, have limited features. The type of streaming media player you go for all boils down to form over function. Whether you need something ultralight and portable, or something heavy but packed with features, depends on your needs as a TV show junkie.

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